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Our ambitions

The group is already an independent leader in designing, managing and providing investment solutions and its ambition is to further strengthen this position. Having expanded beyond the borders of France, its growth strategy is now focused on Europe. The group hopes to position itself as a major player in asset management and to continue its strategy of providing innovative investment solutions on a European scale.

Innovation to give your investment meaning

Innovation has been in the group’s DNA since it was founded. The group’s experts continually offer you new ideas and new solutions tailored to market developments, economic and societal environments and, above all, the new investor lifestyle.

Our innovations are not solely based on technology. To be meaningful, they must be effective and find an audience. This is the mindset that we have adopted when designing new concepts and services.

Becoming a European player in asset management

Groupe Primonial’s medium-term ambition is to become a European platform on which to structure pan-European multi-asset wealth management solutions for its clients.

The group has started to expand outside of France to acquire new growth drivers. By strengthening our investment strategy outside France, particularly in real estate, we will contribute to securing our future and the profitability of our products over the long term. Setting up a Luxembourg platform affords the company the opportunity to create pan-European real estate and financial funds for distribution in France and worldwide. Lastly, signing partnerships, purchasing equity investments or making acquisitions in distribution or management in foreign countries is a major factor when promoting new solutions.

A word from Stéphane Vidal

In order to innovate, we aspire to give meaning to investing and the experience of buying, interacting closely with our customers and using new technology in a way that is relevant. To be meaningful, innovation must be useful to our audience. This is the new mindset that we have adopted when designing new concepts. That’s our ambition.

Président du groupe Primonial

Stéphane Vidal

CEO Primonial Group

Key figures

Primonial Group took in record gross inflows of €9.71 billion in 2018 compared to €5.51 billion in 2017.

2018 gross inflows


billion euros

Managed or advised assets


billion euros


120 000

private investors, companies, institutional investors



in France and across Europe

Primonial is committed

Aware of today’s major challenges and the latest expectations of its clients, Groupe Primonial takes the lead on corporate social responsibility issues in its activities.

Like our different business lines, the group’s responsible social commitment covers many realities.

  • Socially Responsible Investing with La Financière de l’Echiquier
  • Responsible Property Investment in socially useful buildings (day nurseries, schools, training centres, clinics, retirement homes, assisted living facilities, etc.) with Primonial REIM.
  • Quality of life at work, well-being of employees
  • Coaching, skills-based sponsorship and Charity Days with different associations (Princesse Margot, Fondation Perce-Neige, Simplon, Association Necker Enfants Malades, etc.)
  • Making sure our customers and partners know that our practices are transparent and compliant.

Committed to a diverse array of businesses, challenges and positioning, Primonial offers a flexible and ambitious framework that allows all these initiatives to grow and flourish.

A group-level CSR initiative structure is currently being developed. It is intended to define a common policy for all of the group’s responsible initiatives while giving each subsidiary ownership of their actions.

Our history

Groupe Primonial was founded more than 30 years ago and, during that time, the company has seen a great number of events and developments. 2017 and 2018 saw the arrival of Bridgeport as the reference shareholder. This new pool allowed the group to consider genuine change in scale, achieve several of its aims and adopt lasting values.


Robert Fleming & Co. creates a network of asset management advisers.


Flemings become JP Morgan Fleming Asset Management France.


Management organises outsourcing of the network. BNP Paribas Assurance becomes the majority shareholder.


Management buys back BNP Paribas Assurance’s stake thanks to a minority capital contribution from Naxicap Partners.


Founding of Primonial REIM, which a few years later would become a major player in real estate investing, with more than €17 billion in assets under management in early 2019.


Primonial Group acquires and merges with W Finance (a subsidiary of Allianz) and consolidates its position as an independent leader in asset management in France.


Alongside Management, Crédit Mutuel Arkea, which acquired an equity stake 2014, is joined by BlackFin Capital Partners and Latour Capital in May 2015.


On 25 September 2017, Primonial launched its first advertising campaign, “In haute cuisine, you have to know how to innovate. The same is true when managing your money.” This campaign included a new visual identity and a new logo


The allocation of capital evolves. Bridgepoint grows. Bridgepoint now owns 52.5% of the group’s capital. Crédit Mutuel Arkea (CMA) retains 35% and the group’s management and employees own 12.5%.


Primonial Holding acquires AviaRent Capital Management, a management company specialising in medical properties in Germany.


The Alpha Omega Foundation acquires an ownership stake in Primonial. The shareholder structure of Groupe Primonial is the following: Bridgepoint 56.07%; Crédit Mutuel Arkea 29.10%; Management & employees 14.11%; Alpha Oméga 0.72%.


As part of its plan to expand in Europe, Groupe Primonial creates Primonial Luxembourg Real Estate, a management company based in Luxembourg dedicated to managing pan-European real estate funds.


Primonial Group and La Financière de l’Echiquier (“LFDE”) announce the signing of a memorandum of understanding under which Groupe Primonial is to acquire 100% of LFDE’s capital.